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need help financially

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Im at a point where ive turned everyway i cod amd prayed everyday and ive cried so much i

Im at a point where ive turned everyway i could and prayed everyday and ive cried so much i dont wish to ever cry again. I need help some where i know theres help but i dont know where to go..i am 37 yrs old and am now homeless my husband of eight years left after getting his own place established and ran off to his new church and his new girlfriend at this church of christ.were still married he served me with papers and left me and my dog in an almost empty house two days later my dog N i were thrown out on to the street. I have no one my mom passed frm cancer as did my granmother my grandpa who was like father has passed the little family left have no meand in any way to help,my son whos eighteen is still inbschool but another state thank god hes ok have nothing show for myself n am humiliated beyond words for my son to see what truly has happened to me.
,our marriage was my life i stood by my husband through a year seperation of him having his first affair, through deployment in iraq thru his drug abose and his physical and mental abuse to me including braking me arm. I had no clue of this affair and no idea he intended to abandon me and our bulldog on.a curb with no money no food no transportation and no idea how or what to do. A friend let us stay in a garage but that is ended N though i know the street is where ill be tomorrow ive done everything to try and save me from there. I applied and now have foodstamps and medical i even had a job lined up but for all ive made it to in less then a month i am back with out transportation i am no way to work and no money hence homeless buses dont run out here and no cab no money ect. I am also trying to handle our divorce hes taking everything including both vehicles and no alimony. I am so lost and so desperate i have no where left to go or turn. Pls pls pls if anyone can help by whatever means i need a miracle....desperatly sad and humiliated in phx az
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my daughter wants to have a dream wedding

My name is Wilma and I have three daughters, their life has not always been the greatest because of my actions. you see I am a recovering addict and not always willing. But deep in my heart I always wanted my girls to have the best.  I have been granted with oppoutunities and havwe blown them for my children which was nmo choice of theirs. I must ell you that that they managed to come through anyway my oldest is a graduate of Depaul University , the second had a baby at the age of 14 but has managed to surcome to life and now is employed at Depaul University and doing well. My third is a Medical student in her third year and doing extremely well.  Her fiance is also a medical student planning to be a surgeon.  She wants to get married in a church and have a beautiful wedding reception.  I am not financialloy ab le to give this to her and for the life of me I would give anything to provide this for her and yes I have been cleean for five years and thrive everyday to make this happen for her if you can help me to achieve this goal for one of my children I would be forever grateful.

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Aidpage group discussing "need help financially"...

 in response to causeicare...    Hey causeicare:I'm not sure if yall go to a church or not, but if you do maybe you can ask them if they can help. If not I am sure they can help you and your family find help. I hear that alot of churches can help, so give it a try! If you don't go to church, maybe you can look online, or tell your parents too to see if you can find any in your area that will help. Best of Luck to you and your family!! I hope everything gets better for you all.
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Aidpage group discussing "need help financially"...

can anyone tell me and my sister where my dad can get help to pay bills and fix our home?  i am 12 years old and my sister is 14 years old and we both want to help my dad find someone who can help him pay medical, credit cards and get money to fix out home.  my dad works alot and so does my mom.  i know they are having problems because i hear my dad on the phone begging people not to turn off the electric at our house or asking people to give him a few more weeks to pay for things. my mom and dad never ask for help but they help people everyday by helping them find jobs. 

my dad just turned 42 a few days ago and we did not doing anything for his birthday.  he got a gift card from walmart from my grand father yersterday and he is at walmart right now buying my mom and me and my sister a heater for our room.  it's been really cold the past week where we live and our heater has not worked for a long time. 

can someone please tell me where my dad can ask for help?

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Aidpage group discussing "need help financially"...

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About JeniferSunshine

HI , I   REALLY REALLY REALLY need some BLESSINGS HELP it  would be so nice, but i'm not Greedy... I have my Health,,but I'm so so Depressed i JUST WANTA CRY AND CRY, My World is Crashing down,my family members have and our having their share of problems health wise and one just lost his home with his wife and children..  I have had the roughest two years, my boyfriend of 10 years had a COLON burst and than Colonotomy so I had to take care of him, Bills got way behind in one year, I have been working hard this whole past year and still can't catch up .. I have been a single mom all my life no child support, alimony nothing NO FOOD STAMPS, NO WELFARE ECT, I alway's could help others and even thought we had not much, We were Blessed..  I HAVE worked hard 20 years ago to buy my home and have fallen behind in Payments, the bank was out the other day taking pictures if I give them 1500.00 I'll be good by the 18th of December and they won't foreclose (start the procedure).. My car gmac they need a payment of 500.00 that's two months over due and I don't have the money and I don't want to hide my car, it's all I have.. They cut my Cell off today, but I have it on for a week for right now till I pay for the past two months of 465.00, My neighbors helped with Electric A FEW DAY'S AGO, SINCE THEY SEE ME GOING WITH OUT ELECTRIC AT TWO DAYS EACH MONTH.. I have people who owe me 2000.00 plus and increments of 300.00 there and 500.00 there but they are all broke and can't repay alot promised last spring..  Thats ok But I don't want to loose all little I have My home of 20 years WHICH ME AND MY 2SONS CALL OUR ONLY HOME and my only car.. I have other bills but this is the most curcial.. I go to Church faithfully every Sunday and Pray... But God isn't making it easy AND HE ISN'T SUPPOSE TOO, SO I JUST KEEP UP THE FAITH.. I have worked all my life since age 9 and don't know what its not like to not work.. My buisness I am in right now is so so slow for the past 9 months because of the economy and deals fall out all the time and all my Hard work and efforts endless hours down the drain.. I call my self MS. Charity this year.... If anyone can Help PLEASE , I WILL REPAY YOU BACK  I PROMISE WILL NOTORIZE IT ECT MAKE MONTHLY PAYMENT.. I'M A LOYAL HONEST PERSON,NO ONE WILL GIVE ME A LOAN, SINCE ALL MY BILLS ARE LATE,,,SO GOD BLESS ANYONE THAT CAN HELP, I HAVE A SON THAT HAS SERVED IN IRAQ THE PAST 6 YEARS AND HAVE HELPED OUT ALL OF THEM OVER AND OVER CARE PACKAGES AND NOW I NEED HELP AND DON'T KNOW WHERE TO TURN.. I JUST WORK, I'M NOT A MATERILLISTIC PERSON AND BELIEVE IN SIMPLE LIVING... SO GOD BLESS AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS AND CARES.. I PROMISE TO PAY BACK EVERY DIME... THANKS AND GOD BLESS !!   

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Very unhappy!!!!



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About Jenni12

Hello this prayer request is for a financial BlESSING! I am talking to you from my heart... We are on a really hard situation here,  and we really need all the help that we can get... My husband and I have 4 kids, two beautiful girls and 2 amazing boys. We are about to loose our home if we dont make our mortgage payment in one week.. My husband and I lost our jobs and right now we are looking for a job (No luck yet). We are so behind in mortgage and on our utilities.  loosing our home would be terrible because we have no place to go. we don't even have the money to rent an apartment. Right now in our bank account we have $2.40 to our name. Please help us!! And please pray for us. our mortgage payment is 1,150.00. I am praying that we can get a job as soon as posible.

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About pastorjamie

I have had 11 back surgeries since Oct. 2000. I have a wife of almost 25 years and 4 boys. I have been a Pastor for the past 14 years and full time since 3/99. I have lost over 3/4 of my Church in the past year and it has devestated the Church financially and also myself. We are a small contry Church that loves the Lord and I refuse to compromise the Word of God. I almost died twice in the past year. I was on life support after having seizures. Many left the Church and would not tell me why. My father has lived with us since my mother went to be with the Lord in 2004. We just had to put him in a nursing home because of his health. At this moment I have looked everywhere for a job and so has my wife. Most are not willing to hire a 45 year old man with a bad back. We have always Home Schooled all our boys. My oldest just got a grant and was able to go to the local college. He also works at Chick filet as well as my 17 year old son. Im so far behind in bills and ws so overwhelmed with hospital bills that I had to file bankruptcy back in April 2008. At this moment I do not know how I will be able to get food and pay back bills. If God burdens your heart with our need please contact me. I can give you more infor if you need it. Normally I would not even write a letter like this for help because I have always been able to help others. I just dont know what to do. Please if possible help me and if you cannot help financially please help me to pray. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Pastor Jamie D. Coley

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About bbhicok

I am sitting here looking every where so I can get help with christmas. I can't seem to get anyone to direct me in the right direction. Everything just feels hopeless. I feel like screaming. I am a mother of 5. Two of them no longer live at home and are in the United States Army. The last 2 years have been a nightmare for my family. I can't keep up with the bills. I have to decide on a daily basis whether or not to buy food or pay a bill. Right now I have no money to buy food or pay any bills. I am so tired and stressed about trying to keep up. I have nothing for my children and the way it seems thats how it might stay. Soon I might not be able to get gas for my home. They refuse to give me anymore until the bill is paid. Wow! I can't get help from the government as they claim my husband makes to much money. I CANT lose my home. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I want my children to have a christmas. Last christmas my children only recieved a few gifts and I felt aweful. The older 2 received nothing from me. I can live with that, but I cant deal with the thought the younger ones will go without all together. I know that there are people out there that have less than me and I probably should be greatful that I have my family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My email address is I live in NYS.

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About grams123

Hi, I am a mother of three and a grandmother of one and one on the way. I am also a daughter who is now living with my mother because of her health, my father having just died she can't live alone. I am also a real estate appraiser. Well I should say was. Since all the upset in the real estate field my work has vertually dried up. Which means my income is gone. When my father died he did not leave much for my mother to live on and she can't afford to support me. I am looking for some temporary work to get over this hump in the road but as of yet I haven't found one. I need $1000 to pay the car payment for two months and a couple of other bills. Also, my car needs some work on brakes and a new radiator. I don't have any idea how much that will add up to.I am usually the one giving not asking and just don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you sooooo much.

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Please, Help!

I am 25 years old and my father recently passed away at the age of 42.  My mother is not able to help and I am in extremely financial need.  My college loan exceed $35,000 and in order to graduate with my fathers death I had to use a credit card which I am $7,000 in debt with.  I am struggling to just pay rent, utilities, car insurance, and cell phone.  I don't even have a land phone or tv.  My vehicle is needing repairs and I don't know what to do.  I can't seem to get ahead to have fun, all I deal with is high stress levels, I work ALL the time, and have dealt with panic attacks b/c of it all.  If all I could get help with is the $7,000 I would GREATLY appreciate or whatever help I could get.  I have never done this before or even asked for help in a way such as this.  I pray that somehow, someway this will all work out.  Thank you!

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Catch up on bills

Hello All,

My name is Ryan. First, I would like to thank you for your support! I have been out of work for about 5 months now. I have been working temporary jobs and still seeking a good paying one. I am a Veteren by serving in the Iraqi War. Ever since i been out of the service it has been rough finding a good living standard in the civilian world. Right now I have a child on the way and im not sure that I will be finacially ready for this. All I am asking for is someone who is able and fortunate enough to help me catch up on my losses so I can be prepared for my child. I am not disabled and I can work over the internet, phone, and physically. I am putting this ad up for help if there is work involved I am willing to work for it. If you are an overseas scam do not contact this ad I am an honest Veteren that needs help. I have a website i am currently working on It is a shopping mall website, it has only been up for about 2 months. If anyone has any advice for the site email me. If you want more information about me or my situation email me at Your help will be greatly appreciated and may God bless you for your support! 

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